A single platform of powerful analytics, extensive market data and
fully integrated billing & trading to simplify your energy world

Change the way you



and optimise



Take control of costs and carbon with all your energy data in one place.  Manage and optimise your energy with real time, instant access to site information, metering, market data and powerful analytics. 


Offer your customers an unparalleled experience with detailed site information, digital billing, trading and wholesale market data. Time to say goodbye to manual processes and get digital. 

“Simple, slick and easy.”

“We’re really excited about the
Utilidex Hub. It’s the best thing
we’ve seen for a long time.
A real breath of fresh air in
the industry, with a brand
new approach to the way
energy can be managed.”
Scott Armstrong, Group Head of Energy and Sustainability
at Bourne Leisure
"The Utilidex Hub will
become our point for
operations managers,
suppliers and third party
service providers to easily
collaborate across Viridor’s
energy portfolio."
Mark Knights, Head of Portfolio Management at Viridor
"Utilidex simplifies even the
most complex data, and allows
us to show our employees,
in realtime, the energy usage
by individual location"
Lee Preston, Group Carbon and Energy Manager at Aviva
"We've moved from a way of
doing things that was messy
and complicated to a way that
is simple, slick and easy"
Ian Tiffenberg, Energy Purchasing Manager, Flow Energy