The industry’s first digital
platform combining billing,
trading & optimisation in
one place.

Meet the Utilidex | Hub

With energy consumption data and costs at your finger tips, transform your business, drive profitability, guide real time decision making and open up a whole new world of smart working.

Powerful Analytics

Easily store, share, update and optimise all your energy data from a single platform. The Utilidex Hub gives you and your team instant access to plant, site and meter data from a single platform as well as the option to import and analyse consumption and production information.

Integrated Bill Creation & Validation

The Utilidex Hub offers automated digital billing that seamlessly integrates directly with financial systems. It also provides a single solution for billing, including clever algorithm-based validation and flex purchasing to easily generate, validate and produce bills and statements.

Market Data

Stay up to date with industry news, price movements and interfaces to exchanges with real time and end of day prices to ensure that you’re getting the very best out of your energy in the wholesale market.

Procurement & Trading

The Utilidex Hub integrates with dispatch and forecasting systems, allowing you to track over 150 key topics related to price movements and better communicate with local consumers.

Budgeting & Planning

Budgeting and forecasting your energy production, consumption and procurement is easier than ever with everything you need available in real time. Spot anomalies, issues and opportunities as soon as they arise.

Plant Production & Consumption

Real-time plant production and consumption data allows you to view, analyse and monitor plant performance wherever and whenever.

Personal Digital Assistant

Hector, your very own digital assistant, keeps you in the loop with instant alerts and notifications exactly when you need them. Hector will continuously monitor your energy estate to identify potential savings and let you know when something needs to be checked or changed.

Latest Technology

We make continuous, uninterrupted updates to our both our cloud-based software and mobile app so we can deliver a fast, secure and reliable solution.


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