Why the Utilidex | Hub?

This month, we made the decision to refresh our product name.  We wanted to find a name that summed up the vision that we are achieving thanks to our incredible partners and customers.

For anyone who has worked in the energy industry for some time, you will know that a lot of time is spent simply sending data back and forth to one another. We then invest hours comparing our data with other people’s data and keeping a careful track of the differences.

Whether we are verifying and checking meter data, billing/invoice data or even trade/purchasing data the process is the same; send data, compare data and check data.  And, repeat.  Often, there are numerous people to send this data to.  When you think about the energy supply chain, we have generators, retailers, TPIs, Metering Companies, Consultants, Customers who are all simply sending and checking data between one another.

Now imagine a world where all this to-ing and fro-ing is eliminated because everyone can easily access the same information in one central location.

Sound great? We think so too.  It’s why we created a central place, or Hub, where energy data is easily shared and where true collaboration can happen between all parties in the energy supply chain.

Being a ‘Hub’ makes us think differently about how we work

When we think about our vision for 2016, we get to think differently.  We get to ask the question, how would we work differently if everybody could see the same information? We no longer think about downloading this spreadsheet, sending it to that person and then checking it with another person. What interests us most – is which processes we can take away – what can we remove, and deliver more value?

We recently spoke about this at our Utilidex | User Conference:

Our CEO, Richard, used a piece of paper to show how true innovation is actually all about subtraction. Imagine a flat A4 sheet of paper, you are stood at one short edge of the page and want to get to the other side. You could either cross the length of the page, making some changes along the way to speed up your journey (that’s improvement), or you could completely change the shape of the paper – bringing the two short ends of the page together so you can hop straight from one to the other – removing everything in between (that’s innovation!).

Read more about the event here

Already this month we’ve made several changes, which mean that we can innovate/develop even faster through the adoption of DevOps.  We’re confident as we continue to have conversations with our customers and partners, that we’ll find more areas to work on and more areas where “folding the page” could have dramatic effects for the better.