Who wants to change the world? Microsoft Cloud Roadshow

We’re really excited this week as we’ve been invited to showcase our technology at the upcoming Microsoft Cloud Roadshow in London as part of a global tour of 16 cities. The UK event is going to draw a big crowd (nearly 4000 people attending) and we’re proud to be amongst just a select few companies chosen to share their cloud story.

As a technology company we’ve been gifted since our start by the help and support we’ve received. From fellow engineers, technology advocates and Microsoft themself. What these people have in common is that they love technology and they love to change the world.

As engineers we entered this field because we are passionate about building things. We get a buzz from changing things for the better and leaving our own mark on the companies, customers and communities we work in. If you meet any engineer, they’ll almost certainly have a story about how they got their first bit of technology before they were 10 (or even younger these days!) and started programming because they could, and because it was fun.

We’re in a golden age of technology. It’s ubiquitous.   From managing large corporates’ entire business processes to entertaining a demanding four year old on a long drive, technology is everywhere and a big part of the world we’re in.

Technology is no longer something that quietly helps you with the admin – it’s something that changes whole industries and revolutionises the way we do business – and that really is exciting!

For our part, these events give us the opportunity to give back. To help the community that helped us, and to give our shared experiences about what we have learnt on our journey to the cloud. So for all those who are interested and want to hear about it – come and talk to us! Sharing with peers is one of the best ways to keep pace with the speed of change in the technology world.

And for all those who want to revolutionise the energy industry – shout out! From developers to machine learning experts, potential partners and customers – come see us. The industry needs your help – and together in 2016 we can change forever how business is done in energy.