What’s A.I. and how could it be about to revolutionise how you work?

Robots haven’t taken over (yet) but intelligent systems are all around us and increasingly we take them for granted.  We are already familiar with tech giants’ digital assistants – Siri, Cortana and obviously Google Search engines. Tesla are busy building driverless cars.  And today’s smart business leaders are increasingly looking to deliver richer and more intelligent experiences to their customers through the use of cognitive technologies.

We were lucky enough to have been invited to the AI Summit in London http://aibusiness.org/ where we saw how the powerful analysis capability of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning can uncover insights from data in a way that hasn’t been feasible with other technologies.  Not only this, but simple user interfaces combined with more automated and intelligent behaviour means that business can automate internal processes, making tasks easier, less costly and faster,  meaning their internal teams can focus on other things.

So this got us thinking. …the energy industry is a great example of an industry where a really intelligent system could make a world of difference. So….

We’d like you to meet the energy industry’s first digital assistant!

Our project X initiative was recently unveiled at the Utilidex Summer Event with Tesla and Microsoft.  Project X is an exciting initiative which we undertake alongside our technology partners, with an aim to provide the next leapfrog in industry.

Code name Hector, the digital assistant will start off being able to automate a series of tasks, alerts and functions to make it much easier to manage your estate.  It also comes equipped with a number of algos, which run analysis on your estates to identify value.

Creating alerts based on events and locational awareness

Your assistant will be smart and working across your energy data even when you’re not! It will monitor your estate for you 24/7 from price rises to missing meter data, and alert you if something is wrong. It will also alert you when you’re near a building which requires your attention, and or needs something checking.

Clever Algorithms

We’re busy building in a new series of algorithms that our new digital assistant can run across your entire energy estate.  So whether you have 10 sites or 1,000,000 sites in the future, we will analyse them all at lightning speed and let you know of any opportunities.

Where to now…

This is our very first step into a new technology era.  And whilst we recognise the power of this technology, as with all smart technologies, it’s the application of it that creates the magic not simply the technology itself.  It’s the reason we spend so much time working with our customers, to truly understand the challenges they face.

We are busy putting together a working group which can identify the roadmap for the digital assistant – what big challenges do we want to solve.  We’ll be starting with some of the more obvious ones, like energy price checks, network capacity checks and in coming months, we’ll extend to include algos which check for battery or storage potential, or identify the best sites for Solar.

We’d welcome any interested parties in joining this working group, and look forward to reporting back to you as the industry’s first assistant, evolves and gets smarter by the day.