Automated bill processing,

for customers, suppliers and TPIs.

Automated bill validation that integrates directly with financial and accounting systems.With over 30+ checks, the Hub automatically validates 100% of utility bills, queries and then allows payments of bills. So, the entire billing process, which did take days can now be achieved in just minutes. 

Key product benefits


Over 30+ different checks validating 100% of the bill is correct


Understand exceptions and resolve issues quickly


The only platform where flex buyers can add their trades to validate the energy rate


Automated process means bill validation can be achieved in minutes


Seemlessly integrates with your accounting software



Adopted by leading large and mid-sized energy estates


Features End Customers Consultants Suppliers
Data Management
Site Data
Meter Data
Bill Creation
Tariff / Component Creation
Rates Uploader
EDI / XLS Mapping
Bill Creation
Accrual Creation
Bill Checking & Processing
All Power & Gas connection data checked
Non Commodity charges validated
Energy rate calculated & validated
Query / Issue Collaboration
Central Query & Dispute Management
Accounting System Integration
Automatic Payment File Export
Advanced Reporting
Reports & Excel downloads
Power BI Integration
Supplier / TPI
Branded Landing Page
Internal System Integration

Applications to help you do more.

You can purchase any one of our software products direct as a customer, or through our partner consultancy firms (TPIs), or via energy suppliers. Our goal is to make it easy for you to work together, and stay in control of your energy estate.

Energy Analytics

Understand your energy data with our detailed energy insights and powerful reporting features.

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Trading and Energy Procurement

Provide full financial transparency to your energy procurement strategy, highlighting the risks and rewards in locking-in energy prices over time.