Utilidex talks Digital Energy with the MEUC

In March we’ll be joining the MEUC for their 30th Anniversary Event.  It’s an incredible feat to make it to 30 years in business, so hats off to the team.  They’ve seen over three decades of change in our industry, and have continually worked on the side of the customer to help them understand the market and where necessary, be the voice for the major energy users and lobby for change.

This year, we’ll be working with the MEUC on helping their members get to grips with a new “digital energy age.”  We’ll be leading the ‘Smarter Energy Future Seminar’ on 1-2nd March at the ‘Energy & Water Summit and Training Forum’ in London, as well as running several articles and workshops throughout the year.  We’ll be taking a closer look at how technology can soon start to make managing complex energy estates far easier, and by leveraging the same simple easy to use technology you have become accustomed to in your everyday life, you’ll start to find managing your own energy estates far easier.

The Event is free to attend, why not come and see us there?

At Utilidex we’ve always held two common beliefs that guide us in what we do, namely:-

  • Customers should always be empowered, and no matter how complex something is, we should make it simple and easy to understand.
  • Technology and innovation, has a big part to play in creating this simplicity, as well as creating transparency by providing tools that empower end customers.

In 2017, we’ll be unveiling a number of initiatives which will be helping customers get ready for a smarter energy future, and working alongside our partners and customers, we have a few exciting things to share!

First of all get ready for the Smarter Energy Future. Join us at the MEUC’s 30 Year Celebration Event in London on 1-2nd   We’ll be talking alongside the likes of  Cornwall Energy, South West Water, National Grid, LG Energy and PwC.

Are you interested in how energy might be bought and sold in the future? Could we be ready for an Uber of energy?  Take a sneak peek this month at the work we’ve been doing in collaboration with Microsoft, on distributed ledger technology, and how this might simplify the settlements of energy transactions in a flexible energy market.

This month’s feature in focus. What does digital tech really look like?  Take a look at some of our latest planned releases, and how insights from customers and partners, find their way into a new budgeting tool, that might save you a lot of time in the future!

We’d love to tell you more about our events and plans, get in touch with Richard Lewin for more about us and the Utilidex Hub solution on 07734906592 richard.lewin@utilidex.com