Utilidex delivers beautiful and intuitive technology to Bourne Leisure


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Utilidex delivers beautiful and intuitive technology to Bourne Leisure

“Having worked in the energy industry for over 20 years I haven’t seen too much innovation in recent years that excites me, but Utilidex are offering something different that has really got my interest.”

Scott Armstrong, Group Head of Energy and Sustainability at Bourne Leisure

Scott Armstrong is an innovator. “Energy improvement never stands still, and we’re always expected to do better”, he explains.


Scott has been using data to provide recommendations to buy better and ensure bills are accurate for a long time. “We needed a service platform that had big data capacity for the vast amount of data we deal with on a daily basis”.


At Bourne Leisure, around 2.6 million readings are generated annually from physical meters alone, not taking into account non-physical sub meters.   “We needed a solution that made life easier by simplifying this data into one place, could help us manage risk, validate complex bills and where the end user could bring powerful capability in-house” says Scott.


“Our market has been calling out for a solution that was out of the ordinary; something designed absolutely with the end user in mind.”


Utilidex provided Bourne Leisure with the beautiful intuitive technology they were looking for to handle their big data.


Not only does the Utilidex solution make life easier for our customers, but it is both flexible and adaptable. Utilidex customers, such as Bourne Leisure, play a really important role in the development of our products. We love collaborating in this way as it ensures that the solution provides exactly what customers need, in the most user-friendly way possible. And, it allows us to delivery truly amazing, game changing products which are continually updated and improved.

We’re proud of the difference we are making.


“Being able to manage our risks in one service platform is incredibly powerful. We can accurately validate our bills, including complex third party charges, instantly on receipt of the supplier’s electronic invoice file and the specially developed interface with our supplier means we can raise, track and quickly resolve billing issues. Getting the best market visibility is always a challenge and having a view of the fluidity of the market and how often it’s changing means I can make better informed decisions, in real time.”


And, a kind word from Scott 


“Utilidex is an innovative, flexible, exciting and ambitious company who are a pleasure to work with. We are working with a provider who is focused on continually improving their product to ensure that it’s exactly what this industry needs”


*One meter takes 48 readings per day x 365 days per year x 150 meters