New digital help guide launched

Everything you need to know about our products and services. Now available as a rather useful tool in the Hub.

Added Custom Reporting

Users can now use approximately 15 additional customer reports, ranging from energy usage, a list of sites in the portfolio to a comprehensive bill validation summary.

Enhanced Usability

Delivered additional usability and workflow functionality to speed up the management of bill validation. Added invoice templates so that customers can customise their own invoices.

Added metering SLA report and enhanced metering exception reporting

Deployed service level reports managing missing data and faulty meters and enhanced exception reporting so customers can clearly identify missing data patterns and share with metering agents.

Combined all source code to create a uniformed cloud based product

Combined generation, billing, budegting and validation into a single code base.

Creation of EDI file uploader and first iteration of manual bill uploads

Allows users to upload their own EDI files for gas and power as well as manual/non contract bills.

Budget Management

Implemented first budget management system comparing actuals versus budgeted numbers on either a group or site by site basis.

Announced new blockchain initiative with Microsoft

Released news of our exciting work with Microsoft on how blockchain can be used in the energy market.

First deployment of ad hoc processes

Deployed Change of Tenancy (COT) functionality in the system with automated emails for gas and electricity suppliers.

Deployed automated credit note matching

Introduced automated ‘credit note matching’, to match off disputes and invoice issues from previous months.

Deployed groups and sub-groups / custom fields

To add additional static data for reports and the payment file customers can apportion invoices and meter data reads to a specific group and set of sub groups such as propoerty type or cost code.

Released Gas bill validation engine

Deployed gas bill validation engine handling EDI files, monthly price uploads and creating automated processing of gas bills

Commenced Reading of Electralink metering messages

Added functionality to read metering messages directly for electricity industry flows so billable customers get a more accurate meter read.

Payment Files

First release of new payment file formats allowing straight through processing of payment files to third party payment systems such as Coupa as well as the creation of generic payment files for remittance purposes

Commenced integration of generation and consumption meters

Deployed meters for generation and consumption allowing the user to handle negative and positive usage patterns in the same system

PaaS Released

Platform as a service released eliminating the need to run virtual machines, leveraging Microsoft info security for PaaS application and simplifying support and maintenance, release process

Multi-factor Authentication Introduced

Multi-factor authentication introduced for increased application security, requiring customers and partners to require a passcode to access their products.

Additional useability changes

Several key changes for useability across CRM, Metering, Billing & Trading as requested by our ever growing great customers.

Re-platformed Utilidex | Hub

Re-platformed technology to take advantage of IoT, Machine Learning & AI, positioning the company for the next tech evolution.

Integrated Billing & Trading

Allows customers to view imbalance charges, book trades against book structures and then automatically calculate bills which include energy & imbalance/residual costs.

Making Energy Investment Business Cases Easier

New way to analyse Half Hourly costs, makes saving energy easier

Industries first Digital Assistant (Codename Hector)

Utilidex unveils Hector at the Utilidex | Summer Event

Trade by baskets/strategies

View positions, and book trade against baskets/trade strategies

New Metering Heat Map

New Metering Heatmap makes it easier to spot missing data

User Management Framework

User Management framework allows you to control who sees what in the Hub

Support for Complex Trading Arrangements

Provides new deal templates for Energy Purchasing (covering complex instruments)

Adds Import/Export Metering

Provides support for Import/Export metering

Introduced new Excel App

Releases new Excel App to make it easier to get market & customer data

Significantly increased Development Capacity

Reduces time to market for developments, with introduction of DevOps

Hub is Born

Starts the journey to the “Hub” letting suppliers & metering companies log in

Gas Billing Introduced

Extends billing system to cover Gas

Improves Architecture

Introduces a new PaaS architecture to increase scalability & reliability

Power Trading

Extends trading system to cover Power

Integrating Accounting

Provides integration capability for financial accounting systems

New Billing Engine

Introduces new billing engine, with complex tariffs, HH Metering in Power

Energy | News Service

Provides Energy | News service for companies purchasing energy

Gas Trading

Provides Energy Trading for Gas