Three new features to dramatically change the way you and your team work

Hub it up

The uniqueness, of our approach is the Hub. It’s the one place you go, if you want to know something about the energy estate. It’s the way you work with your internal team, the way customers work with suppliers, with consultants (watch our video on the Hub here).  So this month, we made it much easier to manage the access for all those important people that want to see the data, with a flexible Hub User Management system, you can now control your energy world even more.

Meter Data Magic

Good meter data is the building blocks for billing, trading, budgeting, and reporting. Get it wrong, and you’ll soon know about it. We’ve always had a rules engine that checks your data for you, which can be customised by you. We’ve made it even easier for you to see where data is missing, and exceptions have been raised. And, being a ‘hub’, you can also let your supplier and meter agent see this data too, so everybody can be involved in getting it right.

Site Analytics that goes one step further

We know you need to see your costs at the HH level, not just your kWh. And not just your commodity, but also your third party charges. We’ve made that data more visible, by creating a number of areas you can easily see this and report on it. For anybody that needs to assess on-site generation, DSR, or any other type of energy investment – knowing your payback is going to be important. So we wanted to make that easy for you, by making sure you had the HH costs at your fingertips.


Microsoft released some new tech recently (Connectors) which makes it much easier to see information directly in your Outlook program. So this got us thinking. Why not put the information you need at your fingertips directly into Outlook. We know most people, check emails a few times a day, so we wanted to enable you to quickly check that all important energy information.

Connect to Office 365

We’d like to give a special thanks again to all our customers, product teams and partners. The product changes we make are all thanks to your input and exceptional craftsmanship. We couldn’t do it without you.

Lots more exciting changes to work through next month. Don’t forget to tune into the #smarterenergyfuture event where we unveil Project X and share updates on the exciting tech we’ve been looking at. It plans to be some of the biggest innovations we’ve shown yet and we’re all getting a little excited!