Are you ready for admin & consumption savings in the Water Market?

One utility which has been tricky to comprehensively manage with a digital approach is water consumption and waste water cycling.

However, as we all know, this is about to change as from April 2017 the UK Water Market opens up to competition.  Already, we have seen a number of new entrant water suppliers and water brokers preparing to win new customers and Yorkshire Water, along with some of these new suppliers, will be capable of providing a consolidated EDI file.

This initial competition phase is likely just the beginning of what should be a larger industry overhaul where the customer takes centre stage of their consumption strategies rather than the water network.  And, as the industry becomes transparent,  customers manage their consumption better using their own systems and tools.

So, whilst we are disappointed that MOSL consider the meter data to be the water suppliers and the water networks’ data to share, not the customers’, which seems odd, we feel there will be opportunity for both administrative and consumption savings using new technology,  especially if the supplier is willing to proactively share this data with the customer.

Plan to receive an electronic /EDI bill rather than receive 100s of PDFs from April onwards?  Speak with us about validating your water bills electronically to ensure billing accuracy against your new tariffs.

Even if water is not sizeable proportion of OPEX but has a high administrative burden, there are considerable saving opportunities to digitally transfer payments for bills which are not in dispute to your payment systems.  We’ve considerable experience of doing this in energy and are ready to  explore how we might help you.  Get in touch with Richard Lewin on or call 07734906592