Steve Edwards joins Utilidex

Utilidex announced today that Steve Edwards has joined the Advisory Board of Utilidex, marking a third consecutive month of additional team hires, and key investments in the company’s growth.

“Having worked in energy for over 20 years, I am truly excited by the unique mix of customers, employees and partners we’re working with and their absolute passion to want to change this industry for the better” commented Richard Brys, “Steve has often worked in roles where he found himself at the forefront of industry change.  He’s a very dynamic, accomplished executive with particular experience around embedded energy, solar and network management.  Areas which are crucial to optimise and manage better as our industry shifts more to a de-centralised model.”

“It’s an exciting time up ahead for our industry” commented Steve Edwards, “Change is everywhere.  Our grid is fast transitioning to renewables, with embedded energy, storage and on-site optimisations all a growing reality. But as ever with all change, there are opportunities as well as threats.  And it’s our goal to make sure our customers are always on the right side of that change and benefit from it.”

Utilidex plans to continue to invest in enhancing its core offerings for generators, corporates and retailers, building a path to become the market leader in digital energy platforms, helping customers & retailers manage complex energy estates.

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