Introducing Version 2.0

We can’t wait for you to try out Version 2.0 of the Utilidex | Energy solution.  We’d like to say a special thank you to our customers, for their invaluable contributions to product development.  We love working in close collaboration with you, to deliver truly amazing game changing products.  And a big thank you to our talented designers, product designers and engineers for making it all happen.  It’s a product we continue to be proud of, and love being part of building it with you all – looking forward to many more changes planned in 2016 and lifting the bar even higher!

Gas (NHH and HH) is now available

In this new release, we’ve expanded the product to include Gas (NHH and HH) as well as Power NHH bills. Our updated CRM form means it will be easy to navigate between Power and Gas, as well as being even easier than before to navigate from site to site.

We’ve even added a nice looking map. You get to see where meters are located on each site, as well as being able to view your sites and their energy usage in a really smart way.

Improvements in the energy finance module

With meter data and energy purchases now contained in the same system, we have made some exciting improvements to our forecasting and budget functionality.

It’s possible to create the reporting structure that’s right for you and to integrate with your finance and payment systems.

You can easily drill down from Summary to MPAN level in just a few clicks (so you can see which sites impacted the budget). And, you can compare multiple periods to spot what the major differences are. This gives you greater scope to forecast changes in network costs or appreciate the impact of your renewable developments.

Customers and suppliers can work collaboratively through our Web Portal

A big part of managing energy usage is making sure that everybody is working from the same data and information. And that it’s easy to track and share that information.

That’s why we released our Supplier Portal. Here, the same data is shared between supplier and consumer via the web. Energy Customers will find this a simple and easy way to share information with their suppliers/service providers to quickly identify and resolve any issues.

So whether that’s meter problems, a bill that needs checking, or a new site, both parties can seamlessly address the issue.

Ready and waiting on the Microsoft App Store

This Christmas we launched the Utilidex data app in the Microsoft Office Store.

This App lets you pull your data directly into an Excel spread sheet. Just download the app from the Microsoft Office store and log in with your Utilidex account details.

Chose which time periods you want to see and with just one click, your data will be available for you directly in excel. You don’t even need to log into the application.

Plus, we’ll be adding additional data feeds soon from around the industry.

Highly Redundant & Secure

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to access your data. Several major upgrades mean you can rest easy knowing that you have industry leading reliability. Your data will always be available.

In technical terms, we can now provide customers who need it with Geo-Redundant, Active-Active instances of their applicatons. Or, for the non-technical people, an application that keeps working, even if the data centre isn’t.

We’ve listened hard & made changes

We’ve been releasing several enhancements across all our product modules to make things even simpler for you. It’s now easier to perform your own customised searches and to send out tailored messages to your onsite teams.

We couldn’t build great products without the valuable input of our customers and partners. So, a big Thank you from all of us in the Utilidex team.