Introducing the Summer Collection – a foundation for something truly special

From the start, we’ve been fascinated about how we can make energy intuitive, easy to understand and how we move away from the traditional model of displaying kWh with a monthly bill towards a digital energy world. One where customers receive real time or near real time energy costs and subsequently, understand easily where they need to make changes in order to deliver cost savings or CO2 reductions.

It’s a world where the energy consumer, sits side by side with their supplier.  Where all parties understand the costs and CO2 implications with information delivered in a meaningful transparent way, so as to create mutual opportunities for both the customer and supplier.

With a firm focus on the future, and what’s next in energy and how our markets are evolving, this release builds on our core products and sets a path which will allow us to deliver some amazing changes in the months to come.

Introducing easy Accounting System integrations


Many customers want to see their energy transactions make their way into their own financial systems. Something that’s very different customer by customer.

It’s also something that is different country to country, for those corporates managing multi-country estates.

That’s why we’ve introduced a new GL integration tool kit that makes it so much easier.

You can set-up any GL configuration you want, make it applicable to any customer group or set of sites and then build a file to send direct to your General Ledger.

Now you can easily plan your energy budget

We know that validating bills (including the complex third party charges) is only part of the puzzle. You also want to be able to forecast forward your energy costs and consumption profiles for the next 1,2,3 years and and manage these against your energy budget, by meter, site by site or by brand.

Your management team now have full understanding of the impact direct energy costs will have over time, how network charges and third party levies will rise – and where the opportunities are in introducing strategic energy decisions. They’ll also easily understand how much CAPEX is needed to meet and surpass your sutainability targets and measure when these investments will be realised.

So simply set your preference, whether you wish to accrue 1,2,3 years in the future and then analyse any type of charge type or cost reduction scheme and how this will evolve over the budgetary horizon.

Complex billing – just got easy….

Our tariff engine, just got a major makeover to make it easier to use and easier to set-up any tariff you want. So from complex third party charges, to residual trades to any bill you can imagine – you can now bill and check it.

You also don’t have to be an energy expert to make sense of these rates. Utilidex | Energy comes pre-built with libraries for the energy market – and we’re adding to them all the time as we build our client base in the UK and internationally. So as our energy world changes with onsite generation, renewables and on-site storage becoming essential investments – if it can be measured we can bill and check receipt of it.

A super streamlined engine, built for speed

Adding lots of bills, and complex ones – usually grinds most systems to a hault. Not us. In this collection we’ve delivered several improvements to performance, meaning 10s of thousands of interval bills can be processed in 5-10 minutes, just enough time to make a coffee.

We’re working on the next collection – and we plan to amaze you.

What unites our customers is a belief that our energy system and supply chain is poorly managed and that there is a much better way to do it. This not only makes sense commercially, but is better for our energy market and ultimately our world.

Our energy market has been traditionally serviced with very poor technology, made worst by an industry which is over complicated and at times difficult to understand, with far too much complexity. But we’re going to change that.

Our mission next quarter is to amaze you. And we’re working on several major initiatives – which will deliver something the energy market has never seen.