Interested in DSR, Storage and batteries? You’ll love our series of workshops…

As many companies move to offering more personalised services via digital assistants (Apple: Siri, Microsoft: Cortana and Amazon: Alexa), it’s time to utilise this same technology for energy.  We believe that having your very own digital assistant may just help in keeping on top of all the data you have to track and verify.

So, the ever-helpful Hector was released earlier on in the year (click here).  This month Hector, is getting set to check network capacity rates for you, and show why they are a very important part of your bill to review.

In 2017 Hector will get  smarter, as business case assessments are added to to Hector’s growing set of tasks.

In the year ahead, batteries, storage, on-site generation are going to become increasingly interesting, due to both falling technology costs for the solutions, as well as increased energy costs/increased commodity volatility (read here).

At Utilidex we believe these solutions are the right answer to our growing energy challenge.  Distributed energy and local balancing are likely to play a bigger part in the energy market mix as we move away from large, centrally planned, power stations.  So, customers will become a greater part of making our energy system work and we’re excited to play a more active, dynamic role in that.

In January, we are looking at a series of workshops around assessing business cases for DSR, Storage, Batteries.  We’re going to be getting into the detail of how the business cases can be built up and what the “formulas” look like to assess these types of investments.  We’ve made several key hires in this space (click here) to bring in the right expertise to help us all understand the benefits, and we’ll be working alongside our esteem colleagues at the Microsoft campus in Reading/Paddington.

For those interested in participating in these workshops please get in contact today.  It’ll be very “hands on” workshop, going into the detail of how  business cases and costs/benefits can be viewed.  You’ll get to see how, in the future, Hector will be able to perform this analysis for you, making all this complexity, that much simpler!