Don’t get left behind – why 60% of energy professionals are searching for digital solutions

This month, we were invited to talk at the MEUC Business Energy Roadshow on a topic close to our heart, the “smarter energy future”, and how technology will revolutionise the way we buy, sell or manage our energy.

Almost 60% of respondents surveyed on the day were looking at new technology solutions and recognising, in the new era of energy, there was a very different way to simplify the complex.

It is unsurprising as presentation after presentation listed the multitude of things that an energy professional now contends with.  From regulatory changes, to price changes, to third party increases, on-site generation and optimisation.

Currently, many of the software tools we use to manage this complexity are outdated.  They simply haven’t kept pace with the simplicity and innovation we see in our everyday consumer lives.  When you compare your iPhone to the portals and spreadsheets you use in energy, they’re worlds apart

Technology is going through its own revolution as it becomes even more intuitive, intelligent and agile with developments in AI and machine learning. So, what does this mean for energy?

Technology will be a key enabler to cut through the maze of energy information

Solutions that can bring data together in one place, in one format will make mountains of data more digestible and easy to understand

Technology will deliver actionable, tangible answers to the difficult questions you and your team face

Intelligent solutions will save time, and brain ache when interpreting data in ways that show opportunities and risks

Technology will allow seamless and transparent communication between teams and major stakeholders  

Platforms that allow multiple users to instantly access the same information will wipe out the need for vast amounts data sent between parties

If you want to learn more about what digital could mean for your business, or how Utilidex could help you with a range of energy solutions, from validation, procurement or energy management – get in contact today.