Dinner, debate & the road to innovation

Last week at Utilidex we had our first energy user group event, which was very exciting!  We hosted a fantastic evening at Gaucho in the City – with amazing food and great wine – where we brought together both current customers, our friends at Microsoft and new contacts. We’ve always championed collaboration along the length of the supply chain, and so guests included both corporates and generators – the likes of Aviva, Bourne Leisure, Co-op, Viridor, Flow Energy and Enerlyse.   It was a real opportunity to explore issues from different perspectives.

We had some great discussions around pressing issues in the energy industry, such as concerns over risk, resilience and getting board investment when energy commodity prices are falling.  All challenges we know our industry faces.  There was talk about trust (or lack of), and how energy suppliers could do more for their customers – and how challenging it still was to get access to your own data.

Perhaps nothing new to those in the industry.  It’s the same issues you’ve undoubtedly heard at a number of conferences up and down the country – but we wanted to be different.  We didn’t just want to talk and share the issues –  we wanted to address them.  We wanted to fix them.  Because the market is not changed by those with good ideas, it’s changed by those with good ideas and a willingness to implement change – and we wanted to be that!

Our CEO, Richard, used a piece of paper to show how true innovation is actually all about subtraction.  Imagine a flat A4 sheet of paper, you are stood at one short edge of the page and want to get to the other side. You could either cross the length of the page, making some changes along the way to speed up your journey (that’s improvement), or you could completely change the shape of the paper – bringing the two short ends of the page together so you can hop straight from one to the other – removing everything in between (that’s innovation!).

It’s why we were so excited to introduce our group to The Utilidex Hub –  a shared platform, where suppliers, generators & customers can all collaborate with one another, not only making everything quicker and more efficient, but in some cases, completely removing processes, just like bending the piece of paper!

During the evening we also discussed Project X – the new initiative we will  launch each quarter to make our software even more exciting and a joy to use.  Using the latest innovations that simply wow you, we are going to be working with a few select people (all very secretive of course!) and Microsoft to resolve specific issues they face, with the latest innovations in technology which then ultimately can make big differences to everybody’s working lives. Then we’re going to roll that change out to all of our customers!

The team at Utilidex wanted to say a big thank you to all of our guests.  And not just because you took time out of your schedule to discuss a range of issues, but because you committed with us to implement change.  So that the next time we meet at the user group – some of those issues we found challenging and were difficult today – will be a breeze in the future.

And that’s what’s going to be different about our events – we won’t just debate the issues of the day – we’ll fix them!  One by one, with every small change we’ll make this industry something we’re all proud of.

So if you would like to join, contact us here – you’re more than welcome – we can’t wait to show the latest in innovations to everyone at our next event – and then pick a whole host of new problems we’re going to fix together!

…to be continued