Manage and optimise your
energy with real time access
to site information, metering,
market data and powerful

Core Module | Corporate

A dynamic view of your energy


Having all your data in one place means you have a clearer, transparent view of all your energy. You’ll never miss an opportunity again thanks to real time information that allows you to spot them as soon as they happen.

The benefits of the Utilidex Hub:

Stay in control
Automated bill validation, real-time usage and spend across multiple sites give you the control to better your decision making. You’ll also be in the position to guide investment decisions, whether it’s solar, DSR, or batteries.
Save time and money
No more looking at kWh charts – get half hour by half hour costs and see the real cost of your sites. You can also set alarms and triggers to identify data issues, track changes and assess new opportunities.
Collaborate with ease.
Having the power to access your data anywhere, anytime, opens up a whole new world of smart working. Teams can share, update and collaborate on site information in an instant on a single platform.
Simplify existing processes
With all your energy data at your fingertips, you can say goodbye to over half of your current processes. Internal teams, site managers and suppliers can instantly work together off the same up-to-date data.
Your personal digital assistant
Manual processes and endless reports are a thing of the past. Hector, your very own digital assistant, keeps you in the loop with instant alerts and notifications exactly when you need them.

You can enhance your Hub experience beyond your core module, by choosing from a range of powerful add-on’s

Energy Management

Optimise all your energy data with our detailed energy insights and powerful reporting features.

Utility Bill Validation

Automate your EDI/XLS validation and get straight through processing from EDI receipt to payments.


Make budgeting easy with this powerful application enabling you to set, track and manage.


Accounting Integration

Streamline your payments with automatic integration of authorised invoices into your accounting software.

Public Displays 

Engage your on-site office teams in energy and carbon reduction with this helpful application.

Marex Spectron Pricing

Access end of day pricing from one of Europe’s most widely used energy pricing venues.

Coupa Integration

Simplify accounting processes with this powerful add-on, enabling automated integration.


“We needed to engage employees across our locations in energy and help them to understand why it matters and how they can help make savings”


Lee Preston, Group Carbon and Energy Manager at Aviva


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