Utilidex, providers of beautiful energy software, have joined forces with Aviva, the global insurance group, to show the insurers’ employees the reduction of emissions and energy savings being made in the UK.

Lee Preston, Group Carbon and Energy Manager at Aviva said “We needed to engage employees across our locations in energy and help them to understand why it matters and how they can help make savings. Utilidex simplifies even the most complex data, and allows us to show our employees in real time the energy usage by individual location”.




The dashboards display energy usage converted into kettles boiled and car trips around the world. Data can then be shared showing the top performing locations, and have already helped up to 14-15% reduction in energy usage.

Preston commented, “Where already installed The Utilidex dashboards have really inspired employees to be part of our energy reduction strategy” he continues, “We want to build on this and have already found employees across sites to be extremely competitive! Seeing the weekly percentage changes along with implementation of solar and LED lighting has made staff want to do more”

Karyn Peacocke, Corporate Partnerships Director at Utilidex explains, “Often organisations have little visibility of what is happening in their individual buildings in real time, and even less access to the colleagues that can affect change. Investing in technology is now seen as essential in achieving carbon reduction targets, but there is another trench of savings to be captured by using technology to fully engage staff at all levels of an organisation.”

“Aviva is determined to make its own contribution to tackling climate change. Managing our own impacts is one component of our approach, and it’s here that our employees can play a huge role. Engaging with employees via tools such as the Utilidex platform, to encourage them to make changes to what they do everyday, can have a big impact on emissions.  By 2015 we reduced Aviva’s global emissions by 39% compared to 2010, with a 40% target by 2020 and 50% by 2030” says Matthew Deakin, UK Environment Manager at Aviva.