Are you losing out on Generator income?

Our industry is busy talking about the next evolution of the grid.  Various schemes are being introduced which at their heart are encouraging us to be more flexible in how we sell our energy.  The face of generation is changing dramatically, as we move away from large centrally controlled units, to an increasing number of embedded generators as well as “prosumers” – customers which both buy and sell energy back to the grid.

The dynamic nature of the grid, is fast creating opportunity for companies that have the agility to capture value by being more dynamic in how they sell their energy.  With a wide range of options now at your disposal, whether that be in timing energy production, storing power in one period, and selling in another, or simply reviewing the contract types you are selling, the options to capture value are increasing.

But none of this value can be captured or even understood if generators don’t have the right tools.  Whilst many large generators have had the budgets to afford the very latest in trading and optimisation technologies, the smaller agile players coming onto the market have been forced to manage with manual process, excel spreadsheets and static information delivered several weeks after the event – leaving no real opportunity to participate in a dynamic way.

Not only could this mean you’re missing out on key optimisation opportunities, you may very well be missing out on income, lost as result of poor industry processes.

Large energy consumers have long understood the pitfalls of the energy bill, and the many ways in which it goes wrong, from bad meter data, incorrect tariffs and bad calculations.  Nobody sets out to make these mistakes, but they happen.  They are a product of lots of complicated things that can go wrong from the meter to the statement.

At Utilidex we’ve been working with large energy consumers for a number of years.  Our teams have years of experience in trading and optimisation technology and we’re really excited to be starting our journey working with generators and prosumers in this new energy world.  You can read more about our generator offering here:

We believe that the new world of generators have a unique opportunity to play a major part in the energy market of the future, and we want to be at the front of that revolution.  Our unique approach will not only put you firmly and squarely in the driving seat, in managing your generation, it will start your journey on unlocking the unique value which is becoming available in the ever changing dynamic grid.