An Excel-lent new addition the Utilidex Hub

It probably went unnoticed to most – but us techy folk at Utilidex spotted something quite exciting and we just had to bring it to your Hub product!  Because we knew you’d love it.

There have been some pretty major changes to our old friend Excel which, without getting too technical, have meant that via our new ‘Excel Add in’ we can now allow you to download all your energy data from the Utilidex Hub directly into Office 365.  (or upload it back into the Hub if you want).  The beauty of it is that it’s all done via a great looking UI in Excel, rather than you having to remember some impossibly complicated, techy formulas .

All you need to do is download the Utilidex Data Hub App from the Microsoft Office store and take a look.

Here’s what you’ll find

Simply click on the button with the name of the information you want to see (Trades, Position, Forecasted Data, Within day Prices, Metering), select your date range and hey presto, the spreadsheet will self populate with all your data. Amazing!

Here are some of the other beautiful features of the Data | Hub that we know you’ll fall in love with:

  • It’s the ultimate collaboration experience. As there’s no need to log into the main Utilidex | Hub product to get your data, you can allow others access to the Microsoft App which is a really clever but simple way of sharing information.
  • Because you can select your date ranges, you will no longer need multiple sheets for different months
  • The Auto-refresh feature continually updates your data which is great for live prices
  • And, with the same security set-up as the Utilidex Hub, you can rest easy.

We’re continually updating the Excel Add-in, just like we do with the central Utilidex | Hub, and all updates are free and will just appear, with no installations, no fuss.  You’ll just log back into Excel and they’ll be there.

So, we’re loving Excel at Utilidex HQ and are pretty sure that you will be too once you have downloaded the Data Hub App from the Microsoft Office store!  We’re delighted to have found yet another way to make your lives that bit easier.

Ready to download. Visit the Microsoft Office store now!