Detailed, accurate and speedy bill validation

Utility Bill Validation

Key Features:

  • Automated XLS/EDI processing
  • User definable validation rules
  • Automated suggested outcome of       validation
  • Credit and rebill matching
  • Automated query flagging and resolution with suppliers
  • Integration to accounts software
  • A suite of validation reports

We provide fully automated digital bill validation that seamlessly integrates directly with financial and accounting systems. Using clever algorithm-based validation, the Hub automatically validates, queries and then allows payments of bills. So, the entire billing process, which once took weeks, can now be achieved in just minutes.

How does it work?

It all starts from a detailed database within the Hub of all site data inclusive of tariffs, trades and metering information and a bill validation process which starts with data quality. The system prioritises rate and consumption issues within the first week of the month allowing you and the supplier to fix issues and focus on any change of tenancies prior to bill receipt.

Driven from the independently sourced fiscal metering data, the system runs day +1 bill. This allows you to keep track of costs and gives you all the information you need to validate against supplier invoices once they are issued.

The Hub automatically reads the EDI/XLS billing files and processes them within minutes, providing a suggested outcome of whether to pay, query or not pay the invoices. It also highlights primary and secondary issues so you can review the key problem areas rapidly. As this process is completely automated, you can publish the queries directly to the supplier for consideration. And, with a few simple clicks, you can produce a payment file which seamlessly integrates to your accounting software. Easy.

Credits and rebills are integrated into the validation feature which automatically matches credits. If a match isn’t found you can apply it to any account.

You can also process manual bills/non-contract bills.

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