A Vision for a Better Future

We were delighted this month to be invited to The Crowd’s event around Connected Leadership.  It was apparent by the standard of speakers, such as John Browne (former CEO of BP), Helena Morrisey (named by Fortune magazine as one the world’s 50 greatest leaders), Tommy Stadlen (Pro-founder of Polaroid) and Sacha Romanovitch (CEO of Grant Thornton) that we were amongst some very talented, successful and passionate people.  Passionate about not only building successful profitable businesses, but doing it in a way which was better for society and better for the environment.

Often in business these two aspects can seem disconnected.  In that we don’t often associate profitability with sustainability and doing the right thing.  But our speakers showed, with case after case, that “doing the right thing” was not only good for society, it was better for profits and so better for business.

Now you can’t talk about how society will be better, or the world a cleaner, more sustainable place, without discussing how changing energy is part of delivering on that mandate.  As such, we were delighted to be part of the roundtable discussion titled: 2016: THE ENERGY REVOLUTION?

Here is the event summary…

A combination of falling prices and new technologies point to 2016 being an exciting year for energy strategies. Energy storage, demand response, smart sensors and new data platforms will be increasingly adopted by leading organisations. We’ll discuss what innovations to watch, and how to stay abreast of a fast-moving market.

Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed the discussion.  It really is exciting to be around people who have a vision for a better future and spend each working day trying to get there.

What struck me the most as the night concluded, and in subsequent days thereafter, was that being sustainable and building a better future in energy definitely provided potential for companies to both “do the right thing” and deliver business value.  There definitely was no disconnect.

As an industry we have historically run in a somewhat disconnected fashion, in that we have carbon software and we have procurement software.  We have sustainability managers, and we have energy procurement managers.  The truth is, energy is an amazing place to be as the two are so intrinsically linked.  You can do the “right thing” and produce value for business.  Maybe historically we’ve thought in a siloed way and, even as software companies, we shoulder some of this responsibility as we’ve delivered you siloed software.

But for our part in making a positive change – we’ll deliver you one solution – no more siloes!

To any sustainability manager who wants to demonstrate business value or energy procurement manager who wants to show sustainable practices – we’ll make sure you can easily show both and deliver something that is better for business and better for the societies you operate in.