2016. One to remember, thanks to our customers & partners.

2016 has been a momentous year for Utilidex.  Thanks to our amazing customers and partners, combined with our ever growing talented team, we’ve been able to deliver some incredible things together.  And what’s most exciting, we’re only just getting started!

Our customers have led the way in product innovation: – in 2016 we delivered a wide range of new developments and changes to our products (view timeline).  We’ve always known our market had a lot of great potential and talented energy professionals, and it’s been an absolute pleasure working alongside everybody to deliver products to empower customers and help make the complex simple!

We’ve continually innovated in technology: – the world of technology is changing at a dramatic pace.  We believe energy shouldn’t get left behind.  The same intuitive, easy to use technology you are used to using in your everyday lives, should be readily available in your work life.  In 2016 we continued to invest in these technologies, and the capabilities they provide, ensuring we unlock new potential in what’s possible in managing energy.  This year saw us launch a new exciting initiative (Project X), working alongside our partner Microsoft, we invested and delivered several industry first innovations including the energy app (click here) and Hector the digital assistant (click here).

We’ve hired some of the best in the industry to help you: – as everybody knows great people are really at the heart of building great products.  Since the start of the year, we have more than trebled the size of our UK team.  And we have done this very carefully, deliberately looking for those people we know have the right customer focus, the right ambition to change the market and the right talent to make it happen.  We’re confident you’ll love working with our new team members (read more)

We’ve got some great service partners to help you on your digital journey: – whilst we’ve worked hard in 2016 to make our software as user-friendly and automated as possible, we also recognise that some customers naturally need a service rather than a software product.  In December 2016, we’ve teamed up with some very special service providers (who we’ll announce in the New Year) managing some of the largest estates in the UK.   So for customers that need a service, but still want a transparent, innovative, empowering offering – we’ve now got the solution for you!

We started this journey with a big ambition in mind;  we wanted to change the energy market for the better, and build great products to empower end customers.

We’ve got lots more plans for 2017.  We’ll be helping customers with their International portfolios, Hector will continue to get smarter and better at helping you manage estates, and we even have a new initiative in Project X that may just help change how energy is bought and sold in the energy market of the future!